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Mellon Bank changes name to BenefitWallet

New BenefitWallet Debit Cards Mail on October 29

Date: 10/04/2013

Important points from the employer email:

  •  The new BenefitWallet debit card will mail on October 29, 2013.
  • On October 30, all previously-issued HSA cards will be canceled. Employees may continue to access their funds — via their HSA checkbook or online by using online bill pay — until their new BenefitWallet debit card is received and activated.
  • See this summary of BenefitWallet’s communication plan.

The ACS|BNY Mellon HSA Solution (“The HSA Solution”) is changing its name to BenefitWallet™ ― and this brand change affects HSA debit cards. Please refer to this article for more information about the name change.